Milton Erickson DVDs

Milton Erickson DVDs

Milton Erickson DVDs

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Now one of the things I’ve shown you is the need for gentleness in hypnosis”

It’s the individual responding to the individual”

Don’t try to imitate my voice, or my cadence. Just discover your own. Be your own natural self.”

-Milton H. Erickson, M.D.

 Milton Erickson was one of the greatest innovators in psychotherapy and therapeutic and medical hypnosis. He demystified hypnosis, and he created new and revolutionary approaches to working with the language of the unconscious. He conversed with the unconscious directly and brought new healing possibilities between people into the world.

This three-volume DVD set shows 35 hours of Dr. Erickson conducting his unique training sessions with a group of select students. The filming took place from October 3rd through October 12th, 1979, in the small room next to Erickson’s office in Phoenix, Arizona.

Footage has been minimally edited to preserve as much as possible the experience of Erickson himself. Optional subtitles facilitate your listening. During the training sessions many students conversed with him, went into trance, then returned home and enriched their lives and work. Erickson’s direct and indirect approaches and his comfort with his own unconscious made it safe for them to hear him on unconscious levels and to deepen their experience of trance.

“You always call it hindsight. Two weeks too late to think of the right retort to make. You lead with your unconscious; you make that retort immediately… Trust your unconscious. It knows more than you do.” -Milton H. Erickson, M.D.

Watching these DVDs is the closest you can come to learning directly from Erickson himself and sharing in the experience that many people had in his presence. All you need to do is relax and enjoy being with him and listening to his voice. As a professional you can observe his artistry and integrate what you learn into your own ways of working.

Owning these DVDs will add clarity and depth to your teaching. Also as a gift to yourself you can go back to them repeatedly. There is something you know but don’t know that you know until you go into trance and then discover that you knew it all along.

Erickson was clear about the negatives in life and moved with them with such wit, humor, and acceptance that in his own way he transformed them. He was committed to the human possibilities for joy. Perhaps the more you listen the more you can experience yourself in new ways. As you open your heart you can develop new perceptions about the complexity and beauty of life itself.

SUMMARY: 35 videotaped hours of Erickson teaching in the intimacy of his private offices in Phoenix, Arizona from October 3rd-12th, 1979.

  • Volumes 1 and 2 (of 3) currently available for purchase.
  • Volumes 1 and 2 each contain 6 Two-Hour DVD’s; 12 hours of rare footage per volume.
  • A complete transcript in book form (Volume 1 – 258 pages, Volume 2 – 256 pages), especially designed for heavy use, is also available for purchase.
  • The DVD’s come with English subtitles that can be turned on or off. Optional subtitles facilitate your listening.
  • Beautiful color and remastered sound.
  • A priceless resource for the professional with an interest in hypnotherapy.
  • Footage has been minimally edited to provide you the maximum opportunity to experience Erickson himself.
  • $360 for each volume of DVDs plus Shipping and Handling.
  • $100 for each beautifully-bound limited edition hardcover book of Transcripts.
  • A menu of Erickson’s case stories enables you to return to specific sections for repeated viewing, study, and for teaching purposes.

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